Saturday, 31 March 2012

Chocolate Nests - Easy Easter Treats (with 'making of' video clip)

Chocolate cornflake cakes have to be one of the most well-loved kids treats ever. These are exactly the same but with a dip in the middle, just pop in some cute little chocolate eggs and voila, a nest! My Granny used to make these for us at Easter so I have been on a happy trip down my recipe memory lane.

I've made some with cornflakes to stay with my Granny's tradition and some with shredded wheat because I think they do look more nest-like.   

Don't miss the 'making of' video clip at the end of this post. 

Makes approx 10 nests

100g dark chocolate, broken into pieces
50g butter
2 (very generous) tbsp golden syrup
80g cornflakes or 4 shredded wheat

You also need cupcake cases

1. If you are using shredded wheat, break them up in a bowl until all lumps have gone and you are left with little 'shreds'.

2. Put the chocolate, butter and golden syrup in a saucepan over a low heat and stir until all the ingredients are melted together.

3. Pour the chocolate over the cornflakes or shredded wheat and mix until everything is coated with chocolate.

4. Put some cupcake cases on a tray (I used a bun tray as it keeps everything neat (yes, yes, I fully admit that I am a neat freak!)).  Spoon some of the mixture into each, squashing it down a little and making a dip in the middle.

5. Cover with cling film and chill in the fridge for a couple of hours then add the eggs.

I have to admit that I took a risk here because Oscar hasn't actually eaten chocolate for nearly a month.  

The reason?

He's still coming to terms with an overindulgence of epic proportions on our ski holiday - wolfing down the head and torso of a large chocolate penguin in under 5 minutes and subsequently throwing it up onto the pure white snow of the nursery slope!  

I should probably point out that he carried out his choccy binge in secret - I only found him when he was down to the penguin’s feet!

Anyway, I was hoping that Easter nests would tempt him back into chocolate-lover land but no, total rejection! 

Oscar’s score 0/5. At least that means that I get to enjoy several portions of nostalgia. Yum.

Here is a little clip showing the 'making of' chocolate nests, please let me know what you think - 


londinimum said...

This is the third time I've tried to post a comment so apologies if you end up with duplicates.

What a lovely idea! I tried this with my son this morning and he loved it - thanks for the tip. Ours don't look quite as professional as yours, but he didn't seem to mind. I've put some pics up on my blog if you are interested:

Juliette said...

Thanks for your lovely comment. Yours look great and I love the little chicks too! I'm not sure why it is so difficult to post comments on my blog but you are not the first to have trouble - thanks for persevering!

Jane Birtwistle said...

Thank you ! All enjoyed this !

plasterer bristol said...

These turned out great.

Laura Lupton said...


I remember making these from a very early age (I'm team cornflake).

I've just put together an "Easter Inspiration" post on my blog and how could I not include chocolate nests?!

If you're not ok with me sharing your recipe just let me know and I'll amend my post!

artikel kesehatan said...

wow... its look so delicius... yummy..

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